Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a versatile cloud-based suite, featuring applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. With a robust infrastructure supported by OneDrive and SharePoint, users can collaborate seamlessly from any device. M365 prioritizes security with advanced measures like threat protection and data encryption. Continuous updates ensure users have access to cutting-edge features, making M365 an integral solution for modern, secure, and collaborative work environments.

Why Microsoft 365?

Our Microsoft 365 Services

As your Microsoft 365 licensing partner, we collaborate to grasp your organisational needs and budget. Our expertise tailors licensing solutions to align precisely with your requirements, ensuring the right tools for productivity and cost optimisation. Rely on us to navigate Microsoft 365 licensing complexities, offering valuable insights and personalised recommendations. Our partnership provides a strategic approach to maximise your licensing investment, enabling your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

CloudEdge-IT excels in enterprise-grade collaboration by seamlessly integrating Microsoft 365, including Office and Teams. We ensure secure communication, efficient document sharing, and collaborative workflows. Our tailored approach empowers businesses to optimise these tools, fostering a productive and innovative environment.

CloudEdge-IT offers seamless email services utilising Exchange Online, providing businesses with a reliable platform for efficient communication. Our expertise ensures a smooth integration of Exchange Online, offering secure and scalable email solutions. With a focus on customisation and reliability, CloudEdge-IT empowers organisations to leverage the full capabilities of Exchange Online, ensuring a streamlined and secure email communication environment.

CloudEdge-IT leverages Microsoft 365 to fortify security and enhance compliance for our clients. Our expertise ensures a robust integration of M365 security features, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring regulatory compliance. With a tailored approach, CloudEdge-IT empowers businesses to maximise M365’s security capabilities, providing peace of mind and a proactive stance against evolving cybersecurity threats.

CloudEdge-IT excels in enterprise mobility solutions through Microsoft 365 (M365) and Intune. Seamlessly integrated, our services offer robust mobile device management, ensuring control over devices, configurations, and applications. With advanced security features, CloudEdge-IT empowers businesses to embrace mobility confidently, fostering flexibility and productivity in their workforce.